Nice While It Lasted - EOL for GreenMarshmallow

TLDR; TheGreenMarshmallow has unfortunately been discontinued. Broadcasters who wish to migrate to another service, may get in contact via the Discord.

It was a fun run over the last 5/6 years, even with the complications with the Twitch API endpoints not providing all/enough info. But unfortunately, GreenMarshmallow has begun shutting down.

If you were a broadcaster & would like to migrate your data to another service/bot, please get in contact. Your data will be kept until the end of May, after then, it will be permanently deleted (including the backup copies).

You can, if you wish, migrate to the new, lite version of GreenMarshmallow. It will have similar features as GreenMarshmallow had, but minus the Currency/Points & Rewards system (since Twitch has their own Channel Points feature). It will also not have any commands/features that require a lot of storage/maintenance.

Thanks again to those who helped contribute, support & used/promoted GreenMarshmallow. ♥

Contact via Discord sererDiscord Server: